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Newsletter FAQs

Q: How often is the HandiNews released?
Bi-monthly in February, April, June, August, October & December every year.

Q: Where can I find a summary of what appears in each issue?
At the top right of each issue is a section called "In This Edition" that lists the
     article headings and are linked so you can jump to that article by clicking on it.

Q: I cannot see the pictures in the newsletter, making it really hard to read.
    What can I do to fix this?
1. To download the full newsletter with images automatically every time,
         simply add our email address to your Outlook Safe Sender's List:  
     2. To see the pictures in Outlook, simply right-click on a picture and select 
         Download Images. This will give you the full newsletter in your Outlook 
         Preview Panel. 
     3. If your email program completely removes all the images, there is a link at 
         the very top of the newsletter that opens it up in your Internet browser,
         complete with images.

Q: Why is there no accounting news or legislative updates in the HandiNews?
We understand that your practice will already be subscribed to the ATO's
     update service and numerous Accounting Industry Bodies that send out
     regular updates or bulletins containing this information. The HandiNews is
     designed to compliment the publications you already receive and is
     focussed around your software solution.

Q: Is there a PDF version of the Newsletter available?
We do not have a PDF for download, however there is a link at the very top of the newsletter that opens it up in your Internet browser, complete with images. This version can then be printed to PDF or paper if you choose.

Q: Where can I change my subscriptions?
We offer four kinds of subscriptions of which the HandiNews is only one. To update your profile and subscription preferences please see the links provided at the very bottom of each Newsletter.

Q: Can the HandiNews customised to contain information that is only relevant to me?
Unfortunately we do not as yet have the technology to personalise the content of the HandiNews to reflect only your modules, location and interests. However, we are looking at this towards the future.

Q: Will I receive a lot of promotion & marketing in the HandiNews?
No, the HandiNews is developed to contain relevant & informative articles, polls, product tips and details about the latest software versions for HandiSoft clients - it's not used for promotional purposes. If you wish to receive our latest offers and product details, you can subscribe to this service separately from the Newsletter.

Q: I would like to leave feedback/make suggestions for the HandiNews. How can I do this?
We value your feedback. It allows us the keep the Newsletter relevant and informative for you. Please send any feedback or suggestions

Q: I have supplied feedback and the HandiNews has not changed. Why is this?
We greatly appreciate any feedback we receive! However, some clients' requests clash with others and therefore we select changes and improvements to the HandiNews based on necessity and popularity. This means that not all good ideas and feedback can be incorporated into the HandiNews.


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