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HandiTax SQL

Version 2.03

Version: 2014 Version 2.03

Released: 25 November 2014

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It is important that you have installed Version 2.00 of this software from the 2014 v2.00 CD before applying this web update.


  • Point and Claim import updated with an option to import taxpayer receipts into the Work Related Expenses worksheet.
  • Form I updated
    • Net medical expenses (Item T6) offset updated where taxpayer deceased during year.
    • Super Lump Sum Offset calculation updated.
    • Date of Death is now always correctly transmitted by ELS where completed.
  • IAS Monthly/Quarterly updated automatic calculation of Item W5.
  • 2014.11 ELS specification change (live on ELS production gateway 4/12/14) with updated V2594 & V2635.
  • Resolved an issue where two users could simultaneously access the same client thru Practice Manager Contact.

Version 2.02


  • ATO Prefill updated
    • Security permissions have been added to HandiSecurity.
    • PAYG Summary import has been updated.
  • Changing client ref updated in HandiTax for clients with only a HandiTax, HandiLedger or HandiSecurity licence.
  • Resolved issues with exporting reports to Excel/Word/PDF when the file path was changed.
  • IAS Monthly/Quarterly ATO copy corrected.

Version 2.01


  • 2014.11 ELS specification changes (Repeal of MRRT - Loss Carry Back Offset cannot be claimed)
    • New V2816, V2817, V2818.
    • Deleted V2724, V2725, V2801.
    • Modified V2291, V2311, V2305, V2308.
  • PHIR rounding calculation revised for outcomes within a 99c range.
  • Resolved HandiTax sometimes freezing when exporting reports.
  • Resolved the issue where some clients were unable to Edit/View client details.
  • BAS & IAS updated
    • Added Quarterly and Monthly dates to the declaration when printing.
    • GST Information box corrected for printing wrapping issue.
    • Signature and date fields are now boxed.
  • ELS Transmission Summary enhanced with which reports are received (CL, CS, AS, DL, RS, AB, AI, OL and OM).
  • Capital Gains Summary Report rounding updated.
  • Custom Disclaimer setting reinstated (where applicable).
  • Point And Claim import updated for names containing spaces.
  • Div/Refund Short Form I wording updated for the warning that appears on creation.

Version 2.00


Released September 2014 on CD only. Further details of changes are available on the Product CD.

Version 1.06


  • The Minerals Resource Rent Tax Repeal and Other Measures Bill 2014 has been passed by Parliament
    • Instant asset write-off threshold reduced to $1,000 from $6,500 (acquired and installed ready for use after 31 December 2013).
    • Motor Vehicle Accelerated Depreciation discontinued (acquired and installed ready for use after 31 December 2013).
    • Company loss carry-back provisions discontinued.
Important Note - Affected taxpayers should lodge an amended 2014 tax return. To help identify these taxpayers/entities we have added
  • New report 'Depreciation Instant Asset Write Off Entries => $1,000'.
  • New report 'Depreciation Motor Vehicle Accelerated Depreciation'.
  • New filter 'Clients With Form C Loss Carry Back'.
Further Information - refer to Minister for Finance announcement
  • Added new function "Create a return from ATO prefill file"
    • Create a new 'Individual Client' and 'Form I' based upon information contained within the XML Prefill file.
    • Access via the Edit menu.
  • Tax estimate updated for the Net Medical Expenses Offset whereby a family threshold applied where spouse was only part year but present on June 30.
  • 'View ATO Copy' updated for Form I whereby Private Health Funds appear on an Other Attachments Schedule (where necessary).
  • CGT Schedule updated so overall Net Capital Gain (Item 6A) will only calculate when amounts entered pertain to a CGT event.
  • Individual Offsets Worksheet updated for Item T2, with a rollover flag to check eligibility.
  • Previewing a Custom Estimate 'Header' or 'Disclaimer' has been adjusted so the margins now reflect the tax estimate preview.
  • 'ATO Business Activity List OI (Detailed)' report (RPTAI) updated whereby the Commissioner's rate, ATO Instalment Amount & Commissioner Instalment Amount will only display when a value is present.
  • Pre-fill import updated so ATO PAYG Instalment credits now correctly recognise negative values.

Version 1.05


  • Form I updated
    • Rollover flag added to Item T2 to check eligibility.
    • T1, T5 & T7 warnings added where ATI over $150,000 and offset entered.
    • Foreign Income warning added when Net Foreign Employment Income Payment Summary has been entered.
  • Form I's linked by 'Related Ref' will, as a priority, transfer income values where the same ELS batch number is present
    • Where linked returns do not have the same ELS batch number the highest sequenced return takes priority when transferring income values.
  • Point and Claim import functionality updated
    • "refresh" button has been added to Tax Form Details window.
    • Now connecting using SSL.
  • 2014.10 ELS specification changes
    • Private Ruling no longer accepted by ELS from 1 September 2014.
  • 'ATO Business Activity List OB (Detailed)' report (RPTAB) updated
    • GST Method corrected to display 'Cash' or 'Non-cash (accruals)'.
    • Commissioner's rate & ATO Instalment Amount only display when a value is present.
  • Change of memory handling to resolve minor memory leakage in certain situations.

Version 1.04


  • Form I updated
    • Dividend refund returns access violation error when selecting has been fixed.
    • Net Medical Expenses Offset calculation adjusted for the upper expenses threshold.
    • Item 15 now appears correctly after printing return.
  • Pre-fill import updated
    • Heading and sub-heading layout has been improved.
    • New "subject to rounding" headings on the report.
  • Point and Claim import functionality updated
    • No longer attempts to sync for dividend refund and brief data entry returns.
    • Sub category field on the report now works correctly.
  • Report OM (RPTOM) corrected to import ATO instalment figure.
  • 'ATO Business Activity List OB (Detailed)' report (RPTAB) updated to allow commissioner's rate less than 1.00 to be displayed.
  • Display Schedule Information window updated so it is no longer visible whilst previewing reports on-screen.
  • Private Ruling Form ER preview issue corrected.
  • Macro functionality updated to work correctly when exiting forms and schedules.
  • F1 Help updated.

Version 1.03


  • Added Pre-fill Report 2014 functionality
    • XML files (from portal) can be imported into HandiTax.
    • File path is specified via Options / Tax Form Options / Prefill report path.
    • Content & layout changes per ATO Pre-filling Report 2014 specification
      • Tax Estimate includes outstanding HELP/SFSS and PAYG credit(s).
      • Private Health Fund details now prefill into tax return.
      • Share disposals now prefill into Capital Gains Worksheet(s).

IMPORTANT NOTE - Pre-fill data should not be relied upon exclusively and may be incomplete. Pre-filled data must be reviewed prior to lodgment.

  • V2657 updated for situations where AWG (Net Capital Gain) is blank.
  • V2701 updated for Form MS.
  • V337a and V337b updated for Form ET.
  • Franking Account Worksheet updated
    • Positive balance transfers to Form EC Item 8M.
    • Negative balance generates a general warning.
  • Dividend and Interest Schedule (Form EC) has a Warning added where TFN and address not entered.
  • Depreciation Worksheet historical purchase dates now display correctly where available.
  • Front Cover updated for amendment labels.
  • Taxform Summary updated
    • Spelling mistake corrected.
    • Form C report corrected.
  • Point and Claim import functionality updated for Tax agent number format and tax return date range issues.
  • F1 Help updated.

Version 1.02


  • SAPTO calculation updated for unused spouse transfer (limited situations).
  • Point & Claim import functionality updated with the ability to create a report of the Point and Claim receipts.
  • Form C CGT Losses Brought Forward correctly appears in corresponding Carried Forward fields.

Version 1.01


  • Tax Estimate updated for PHIR.
  • Point & Claim import functionality updated so that postcode is not required when requesting client data.
  • V9 error (Form I email address) fixed.
  • Form RR (Report Request) updated.
  • CGT worksheet summary updated (heading text only).
  • Form I Tax Estimate comparison item label now shows refund/payable correctly in all situations.
  • F1 help updated.

Version 1.00


Released June 2014 on CD only. Further details of changes are available on the Product CD