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HandiTax SQL

Version 2.04

Version: 2013 Version 2.04

Released: 1 April 2014

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It is important that you have installed Version 2.00 of this software from the 2013 v2.00 CD before applying this web update.


  • 2014 FBT return (Form EB) added (available on ELS gateway 1 April 2014)
    • Airline transport Item 23 Label H Deleted.
  • 2013.15 and 2013.16 ELS specification changes
    • V315A, V3272A, V2372B, V2372C, V2372D, V2668, V2881 changed.
  • Prefill report updated to highlight rounded amounts.
  • Foreign income worksheet 'Foreign Tax Offset' requires Australian Income manual entry.
  • Fixed "Show Schedule Information" pop-up sizing where item L1 completed.
  • Spelling correction in 'Lodgment Program Statistics' report.

Version 2.03


  • 2013.14 ELS specification changed
    • V2541 updated Form C.
  • ELS options updated for ATO VPN code1 password validation.
  • EFT consent on declaration now reflects Front Cover Default options.
  • Tax form summary report updated.
    • Comparison year client now being searched by TFN (corrects situation where client ref has changed).
    • Fixed issue where reported tax estimate amount incorrect in some situations.

Version 2.02


  • ELS options updated for ATO VPN code2 password validation
  • Blank Identifiers enhanced with a new 'Bank' option
  • Form MS Auditor number and audit date can be omitted allowing partial completion of Item 6
  • Form MC and Schedule S can now enter prior year
  • Form I warning added where spouse entered as full year and spouse died during year

Version 2.01


  • V1777B updated
  • V1825B updated
  • Tax estimate updated
    • Lump Sum where multiple ETPs are received on the same date.
    • Net medical expenses offset where taxpayer deceased during the year.
    • PHIR income test where SLS exceeds low rate cap (taxpayer aged 55 to 59).
  • Tax Estimate enhanced for Form I amendments
    • Compares the refund/payable value of the amended return with the previous lodged return.
    • Option 'Print amendment comparison' added to Options\Tax Form Options.
  • Warnings updated
    • Added W1050, W1051, W1052, W1053, W1054.
    • Updated W1021, W1032, W1033, W1040.
    • Removed W1102, W1103, W1106, W1110.
  • Form I Item 13 ?Deductions ? Other type? correctly displays at label X type.
  • Taxform Summary Report updated to display prior year I Form refund value of last amendment.
  • Lodgment statistics report enhanced with an added section which calculates the Lodgment performance % based upon latest date.
  • ELS options enhanced with a 'Show password' checkbox. Passwords appear as asterisk by default upon entering ELS Options.

Version 2.00


Released November 2013 on CD only. Further details of changes are available on the Product CD.

Version 1.09


  • V2691 corrected
  • ATO prefill updated for Items 5 & 6 description fields.
  • PAYG payment Summary heading corrected to 2013.
  • Foreign income worksheet tax payable updated where MLS applicable.
  • IT8 heading appears when 'Edit in logical order' selected.
  • Managed Funds split between returns fixed.
  • Standard Worksheet printing updated.
  • Summary report updated
    • Self Managed Superfund form corrected.
    • Form I Private Health Fund details corrected.
  • F1 updated.

Version 1.08


  • Estimate updated
    • Lump Sum offset calculation for SLS / ETP / Lump Sum A combinations.
    • PHIR & Medicare Levy calculation updated for SLS taxed elements with 0 tax rate between ages 55-59.
    • LITO updated for non-residency.
  • Individual offsets worksheet updated to clarify T5 notional calculations.
  • Warning added where Non-Resident and interest income entered at item 10.
  • Taxform summary report corrected to display T3.
  • Performance enhanced for returns where 25+ rental schedules exist.
  • F1 updated.

Version 1.07


  • ATO prefill updated
    • to recognise ATO non-standard XML encoding.
    • where existing prefill data exists the user will be prompted to overwrite existing prefill or cancel prefill import.
  • V2691 updated per changed ATO specification (ATO gateway updated 19 August)
    • for further info please refer to ATO bulletin 'Mandatory spouse details for private health insurance policy details?'
  • Form I updated
    • to allow commas in country fields on the cover.
    • to allow only NRAS entries at item 13.
    • the distribution from a trust of only investment income at Item 13.
  • Form T item 54 "group panel index out of range" error resolved where numerous beneficiaries exist.
  • Depreciation Worksheet preview updated where transfer to low value pool selected.
  • V2647 updated (CGT Schedule).

Version 1.06


  • Estimate updated
    • ETP Offset calculation where income over 175k.
    • HECS/HELP repayments for low family income test
  • V2691 updated for multiple PHI situations.
  • W603 Medicare Levy Surcharge warning updated.
  • Summary report updated for prior year amounts.
  • ELS password updates for multiuser environments fixed.

Version 1.05


  • ELS password min length has been increased from 8 to 12 per ATO spec changes
    • Validations in all situations updated.
  • Pre-fill import updated
    • No longer import amounts where "0" value received from ATO.
    • Importing date values updated.
    • Importing $c values updated.
    • Descriptions from payers name updated.
  • V210A corrected for situations where country code present and numerics in suburb/town field.
  • V2693 updated.
  • CGT Schedule updated where 'edit in logical order' selected.
  • Form T rollover updated for Item 54.
  • Individual Offsets worksheet at Item T5 the spouse pop-up warning updated.
  • F1 help updated.

Version 1.04


  • 2013.9 & 2013.10 ELS Specification changes (available on ELS gateway 30th July 2013)
    • Added V2726a, V2773.
    • Updated V153a, V2380, V2403, V2655, V2686, V2691, V2693, V2762, V2568.
    • Deleted V2726.
    • V2761 updated.
  • Added Pre-fill Report 2013 functionality
    • XML files can be imported into HandiTax.
    • File path is specified via Options / Tax Form Options / Prefill report path.
    • Content & layout changes per ATO Pre-filling Report 2013 specification.

NOTE - Pre-fill data should not be relied upon exclusively and may be incomplete. Pre-filled data must be reviewed prior to lodgment.

  • Form I updated
    • Estimate updated
      • SAPTO transfer of spouse unused offset.
      • Private Health Insurance offset rounding for values between -99c and +99c.
      • Super Lump Sum and ETP offsets adjusted for 19% bracket calculation.
    • V35 updated for blank private health offset benefit code.
    • On-screen warning added where RFBA spouse amount below $3,738 threshold.
  • Form T updated
    • Rollover for Item 21
  • Refund of Franking credits ELS declaration updated.
  • Field length increase from 9 to 10 characters
    • Form C Item 8 Labels D, E, G, H
    • Form P & T Item 32 to 35 labels F, G, I, J
  • F1 help updated.

Version 1.03


  • Form I updated
    • Access Violation - after deleting PHI item, then worksheet preview.
    • Item 24 printing updated.
    • Item 12 calculation updated.
    • V2761 updated.
    • Estimate updated
      • Medicare Levy Reduction.
      • Private Health Insurance offset - rounding removed.
      • Super Lump Sum - under 55 Taxed element, lower threshold situations.
  • PP Business Worksheet stock code transfers to Main Form P & T.
  • F1 help updated.

Version 1.02


  • Form I updated
    • IT5 & IT6 can now be entered manually.
    • Item T6 now displays offset amount.
    • Spouse details printing updated.
    • Net Medical Expenses offset updated where single with dependant(s).
    • PAYG situations corrected.
    • Beneficiary tax offset threshold corrected.
  • Form MS members opening balance rollover updated.
  • Form T distribution transfers to forms I, P & T activated where TB Statement question answered.
  • Depreciation worksheet transfer to HandiLedger fixed.
  • V1966B wording updated.
  • V2717 corrected for Form MS.
  • Incorporated an F5 address picklist into the first line of address fields where it may be stored in the client database.
  • F1 help updated.

Version 1.01


  • HELP / Supplement Loan (SFSS) rollover from 2012 corrected
    • In instances where a SFSS amount exists in 2012 and no HELP debt is present, please check 2013 estimate amounts or re-roll these specific returns.
    • In situations where a HELP debt amount has been rolled and the rollover error has not been cleared we have corrected the figures from the rollover.
    • As taxpayers can pay off or accrue additional debt the HELP/SFSS debt amounts in the estimate should always be checked.
  • F4 Tax Calculator updated.
  • Capital gains exemption/rollover code 'Maximum field length exceeded' error fixed.
  • Updated V210 I for foreign country situations.
  • CGT discount applied corrected for Form F & MS.
  • Activity Statement Declarations now correctly display the default agent details.
  • Batch update 'Fee from Refund' for tagged returns via Client / Update tagged client details / Fee from Refund.
  • Calculation of Item T9 (Form I) updated.
  • ATO ELS Guide now available.
  • HT13PDFA.chm included - contains latest available ATO PDF's.
  • F1 help updated.
  • Taxform Summary report updated.
  • Resolved an issue with the 'Print Tax Returns' window where choosing to print zero copies would sometimes result in multiple copies being printed.

Version 1.00


Released June 2013 on CD only. Further details of changes are available on the Product CD