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HandiTax SQL

Version 1.03

Version: 2015 Version 1.03

Released:21 July 2015

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It is important that you have installed Version 1.00 of this software from the 2015 v1.00 CD before applying this web update.


  • Pre-fill 2015 enhancements
    • Private health fund codes now import correctly.
    • When deleting pre-filled items the visible prefill icon will now always clear.
    • Create new client from prefill updated to ensure client reference is always uppercase.
  • Tax estimate updated
    • Fixed amounts incorrectly appearing in HELP repayment field (limited situations).
    • TSL repayments now correctly included in subtotal.
  • Form I worksheet copy updated by removing the duplication of the heading relating to Item D15.

Version 1.02


  • Added Pre-fill Report 2015 functionality
    • XML files from the ATO portal can be imported into HandiTax.
    • Note: File path is specified via Options / Tax Form Options / Prefill report path.

    • Content & layout changes per ATO Pre-filling Report 2015 specification.
    • Tax estimate includes outstanding TSL.
    • Distributions from partnerships now included.
    • Prefill rollover entries from 2014 are now matched with 2015 entries where possible.
    • Important Note: Pre-fill data should not be relied upon exclusively and may be incomplete. Pre-filled data must be reviewed prior to lodgment.

  • Estimate updated
    • Tax estimate updated with Trade support loans (TSL) now separated from HELP debt in tax estimate.
    • Temporary Budget Repair Levy adjusted to include capital gains amounts.
  • Resolved the issue of incorrectly prompting that the HandiTax license is expiring where in fact the licenses are valid (limited situations).
  • Resolved the "Invalid child number..." error when importing into an SMSF form from the SuperFund program.
  • F1 Help Updated.

Version 1.01


  • Estimate Updated
    • HECS/HELP thresholds.
    • ETP offset calculation for ETP Code D.
    • Medicare Levy Surcharge Tier 3 family threshold updated from $270,001 to $280,001.
  • V35 error removed from tag ^CFC in the Work Related Expenses Schedule.
  • NOTE: The ATO initially applied a V35 check against tag ^CFC however reverted this to having no V35 check applied to it from early July.

  • V15 error updated for Dividend & Interest Schedule where an "&" (ampersand) appears.
  • Company Tax Return updated for transfer of values to Item 21 from R&D Schedule.
  • Quantities Report updated (Report / Return / Quantities Report)
    • to allow filtering by Partner/Manager/Staff/Office.
    • with an option to 'Include non-current clients'.
  • Blank identifiers updated
    • DOB fields categorised as "Other" type.
    • Form MS Item 3 ABN now blanks using "TFN".
    • Form T Item 11 Banks name, branch and account number now blanks using "Bank".
  • Zone Offset warning removed for situations where ATI was over $150,000.
  • F1 Help Updated.

Version 1.00


Released June 2015 on CD only. Further details of changes are available on the Product CD