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HandiTax SQL

Version 2.01

Version: 2015 Version 2.01

Released:24 November 2015

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It is important that you have installed Version 2.00 of this software from the 2015 v2.00 CD before applying this web update.


  • SMSF Form Updated. Error added where the Agents Trust Account is chosen at Item 7 Part A. Item 7A should only contain the SMSF's own unique financial institution account details.
  • Calculation of the Foreign Income Tax Offset takes into consideration the Temporary Budget Repair Levy.
  • Note: Please review any previous returns where income over $180,000 was entered into the worksheet calculation.

  • PAYG Instalment amounts updated to apply 2% Medicare levy.
  • Pre-fill updated at Item 10. Interest received and TFN amounts withheld now assigned to the correct bank account entry.
  • Updated BAS form report to display on two pages.
  • Capital Gains worksheet summary report updated removing the 'Small Business Concession' component from the "Summary Listing" section.
  • Point And Claim Import Updated
    • Resolved "zero claimed, amount required" error message on importing to the WRE Schedule.
    • D1 imported entries display correctly for the WRE Schedule.
    • V172E resolved.
  • Compatibility issues with Outlook 2016 have been resolved.
  • The "Open As PDF" button in Report Preview now opens the PDF in the local Temp folder instead of the Hsoft\Doc folder. The file is removed when the HandiSoft program is closed.
  • Resolved issues with report title and folder options when saving or exporting reports.

Version 2.00


Released October 2015 on CD only. Further details of changes are available on the Product CD.

  • Tax estimate updated whereby the Foreign Income Tax Offset will now offset the Temporary Budget Repair Levy.
  • V2483 updated for the R & D Schedule.
  • Individual Offset Worksheet updated for Item T6 Invalid and Invalid Carer whereby a negative amount will no longer appear.
  • Point and Claim import updated to allow more characters for the vendor description.

Version 1.05


Note: HandiTax SQL version 1.04 was not released.

  • 2015.7 ELS specification change (live on ELS production gateway 20/08/15) with updates to v1397B, v2497, v2811 and v2822.
  • Updated Item T4 in the Individual Offset Worksheet calculation for sole parent base amount to factor in the base amount of the dependent students or children.
  • Pre-fill 2015 updated
    • Resolved Government Allowances at Item 5 not importing multiple entries with the same description.
    • Create new client from prefill fixed where prior year files exists.
    • Create new client from prefill to generate a client reference based on the 'Family Name' from client prefill report in all instances.
  • Resolved an instance when prompted that a "Client is selected by another user" when in fact the client is not selected.
  • Enhanced program memory usage when selecting multiple individual tax forms.
  • An 'Individual Tax Return Comparison' report has been added (via Reports/ Edit Reports) for Forms EI that allows the following:
    • Compare current year values with prior years for a single client.
    • Sectional comparisons based on Income, Average tax rate, Income breakdown, Rental income and Private Health Insurance Policy for the specified client.
    • Inclusion of new Z tags ZRL (Tax payable before credits) and ZMD (PAYG instalment income). For further information please refer here.
  • HandiSoft Connect
    • Resolved errors that sometimes occurred when trying to view tax returns through HandiSoft Connect.

Version 1.03


  • Pre-fill 2015 enhancements
    • Private health fund codes now import correctly.
    • When deleting pre-filled items the visible prefill icon will now always clear.
    • Create new client from prefill updated to ensure client reference is always uppercase.
  • Tax estimate updated
    • Fixed amounts incorrectly appearing in HELP repayment field (limited situations).
    • TSL repayments now correctly included in subtotal.
  • Form I worksheet copy updated by removing the duplication of the heading relating to Item D15.

Version 1.02


  • Added Pre-fill Report 2015 functionality
    • XML files from the ATO portal can be imported into HandiTax.

      Note: File path is specified via Options / Tax Form Options / Prefill report path.

    • Content & layout changes per ATO Pre-filling Report 2015 specification.
    • Tax estimate includes outstanding TSL.
    • Distributions from partnerships now included.
    • Prefill rollover entries from 2014 are now matched with 2015 entries where possible.
    • Important Note: Pre-fill data should not be relied upon exclusively and may be incomplete. Pre-filled data must be reviewed prior to lodgment.

  • Estimate updated
    • Tax estimate updated with Trade support loans (TSL) now separated from HELP debt in tax estimate.
    • Temporary Budget Repair Levy adjusted to include capital gains amounts.
  • Resolved the issue of incorrectly prompting that the HandiTax license is expiring where in fact the licenses are valid (limited situations).
  • Resolved the "Invalid child number..." error when importing into an SMSF form from the SuperFund program.
  • F1 Help Updated.

Version 1.01


  • Estimate Updated
    • HECS/HELP thresholds.
    • ETP offset calculation for ETP Code D.
    • Medicare Levy Surcharge Tier 3 family threshold updated from $270,001 to $280,001.
  • V35 error removed from tag ^CFC in the Work Related Expenses Schedule.
  • NOTE: The ATO initially applied a V35 check against tag ^CFC however reverted this to having no V35 check applied to it from early July.

  • V15 error updated for Dividend & Interest Schedule where an "&" (ampersand) appears.
  • Company Tax Return updated for transfer of values to Item 21 from R&D Schedule.
  • Quantities Report updated (Report / Return / Quantities Report)
    • to allow filtering by Partner/Manager/Staff/Office.
    • with an option to 'Include non-current clients'.
  • Blank identifiers updated
    • DOB fields categorised as "Other" type.
    • Form MS Item 3 ABN now blanks using "TFN".
    • Form T Item 11 Banks name, branch and account number now blanks using "Bank".
  • Zone Offset warning removed for situations where ATI was over $150,000.
  • F1 Help Updated.

Version 1.00


Released June 2015 on CD only. Further details of changes are available on the Product CD