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Software Updates

During the year, we make adjustments to our software based on user feedback as well as urgent changes from the ATO or ASIC.

The resulting software updates ensure that any known software issues are resolved, and that our software is in sync with the ATO and ASIC gateways. It is thus essential that you are always running the latest version.

If you are new to this section, read the step-by-step instructions on how to download these files from our website.

HandiSoft 2015 Upgrade Downloads

Click on the product name to see the update details and access the downloadable file.

Current Upgrade Versions at 26 November 2015

Product Version Date Product Version Date
HandiTax 2.01* 24/11/2015 Practice Manager - Contact 2.01* 16/11/15
HandiLedger 2.01* 26/11/2015 Practice Manager - Security 2.00
Time+Billing 2.00 HandiAsset 2.00
HandiRegister 2.00 HandiBiz 2.00 16/10/15
HandiTrust 2.00 Document Manager 2.02* 23/11/15
SuperFund 2.00 Notify 2.00

* This web update should only be installed if Version 2.00 of the software has been installed from the 2015 Version 2.00 CD.